Social Media Investigations For Fraud Detection
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Social Media Investigations

True People Check specializes in social media investigations, and open source intelligence. Our goal at True People Check is to provide the most comprehensive open source intelligence (OSINT) investigations and social media analysis available to the market. We pair our state-of-the-art technology with human intelligence to make sure we do not miss any crucial social media accounts. We believe a claims handler wants a thorough investigation and that’s what we provide to our clients. Social media has revolutionized the claims investigation process for insurance companies, and we are uniquely positioned to take full advantage. Our expert social media investigators have a comprehensive knowledge of all facets of an insurance claim process. This allows us to quickly and accurately identify potential fraudulent activity through comments, photos, videos or other digital content - saving our clients time & money in the long run with top-notch results! We specialize exclusively in this arena so you can count on experienced professionals who know exactly what attorneys, private investigators and claims handlers need when it comes to high quality reports.

Our founders' expertise in the insurance fraud sector alerted them to a wealth of untapped insight lurking within social media. As portals continue to emerge and evolve, we are committed not only to delivering meaningful data but also staying ahead of the game by understanding these platforms inside-out.

What our internet investigations consist of:
- Over 200 sites searched including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, GoFundMe, Strava, &
- Mobile searches including WhatsApp and Cash App
- Insurance focused summary and recommendation based on our findings
- Knowledge of sites worldwide for international investigations
- Verified and possible matching accounts provided
- Indicators for impactful evidence
- Family/Relatives/Friends search for possible relevant information
- A static capture of the source web pages along with the metadata of our findings for authentication
- Secure case management system to submit new cases, communication, and delivery of reports and video

Our Services

TPC Comprehensive

Our all-inclusive Social Media Investigation solution for insurance claims professionals. We perform a deep-dive to find the subject's social media and OSINT. We then provide expert analysis of the data obtained.

TPC Rush
TPC Rush

Have a rush assignment? Our TPC Comprehensive report is completed within one business day. If you feel frustrated that claims are often paid despite the strong potential that they are false or inflated. We can help.

TPC Monitor
TPC Monitor

Weekly and monthly reporting for active subject’s. Our behaviors are shifting even more rapidly to the online model, as a consequence of the Coronavirus.

essential graphic
TPC Essential

Our social media report without analysis. This report is for professionals who want to sort through our results and conduct their own analysis.

An Investigator's Approach To Open Source Intelligence Using The Most Sophisticated Technology Available.

social media

All-In-One Fraud Detection Solution

We take the pressure off of the claim’s handler figuring out where to look for accounts.

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