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An Overview Of Our Private Investigation
Services in New York City

Our services are designed to deliver comprehensive insights and results, ensuring our clients can make informed
decisions and effectively address their concerns.
background surveillance

Surveillance Services

Our surveillance services in New York City offer you a way to discreetly monitor subjects with the utmost professionalism. We ensure complete confidentiality and deliver detailed reports tailored to your specific needs.

background check

Background Checks

Ensure safety and trust with our comprehensive background check services. Our team meticulously gathers information to provide you with a thorough understanding of an individual’s history.

witness statements

Witness Statements

Providing vital support for litigation processes involves a comprehensive approach that encompasses everything from meticulous evidence collection to effective witness coordination.

fraud investigations

Fraud Investigations

Protect yourself from potential fraud with our expert fraud investigation services. Our experienced investigators will help you identify and tackle any fraudulent activities with precision.

Workers Comp Private Investigators

Corporate Investigations

From due diligence to internal investigations, our corporate services are designed to secure your business operations and safeguard your company’s interests.

insurance fraud investigations

Legal Support and Evidence Gathering

nvolves a multi-faceted approach tailored to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of legal proceedings , designed to assist attorneys, law firms, and corporate legal departments



True People Check - Your Trusted Partners in Private Investigations

With years of experience and a team of licensed professionals, True People Check stands as a leading private investigation agency in New York City. Our commitment to confidentiality, accuracy, and client satisfaction makes us a preferred choice for:

Comprehensive Background Checks

Our background check services are thorough and tailored to provide peace of mind for employers, landlords, and personal relationships. We delve into a person’s history to bring to light crucial information that impacts safety and decisions.



Discreet Surveillance Services

True People Check excels in providing high-quality, discreet surveillance for personal and corporate clients. Our operations are designed to be unobtrusive yet effective, capturing essential information without drawing attention.

Insurance Fraud Investigations

We specialize in detecting and documenting fraudulent insurance claims that can severely impact businesses and individuals financially. Our experienced investigators help uncover discrepancies and provide clear evidence to counteract fraudulent activities.



Corporate Investigation Services

From internal audits to external security threats, our corporate investigations are essential for maintaining the integrity and safety of your business operations. We provide insights and evidence to protect your assets and reputation.

Witness Statements

We specialize in obtaining clear and reliable witness statements that are crucial for the resolution of legal cases. Our experienced investigators use proven techniques to ensure that all information is accurately captured and reflects the witness’s true testimony.



Legal Support and Evidence Gathering

Supporting legal teams with comprehensive investigative services, True People Check enhances the efficacy of legal strategies. From evidence collection to detailed background checks on involved parties, our services are designed to strengthen legal cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Criminal Records: We search local, state, and national databases for any criminal history.
Employment Verification: Confirm past employment history, job titles, and durations of employment.
Educational Verification: Check the authenticity of educational degrees and institutions attended.

Professional Conduct: Our investigators operate under strict ethical guidelines to ensure confidentiality. Advanced Equipment: Use of non-intrusive, state-of-the-art technology to minimize visibility. Strategic Planning: Surveillance activities are meticulously planned to avoid detection. Regular Updates: We keep our clients informed while ensuring the surveillance remains confidential.
Wide Range of Services: We support a variety of cases including corporate disputes, divorce proceedings, and custody battles. Evidence Gathering: Collect comprehensive evidence that is admissible in court. Witness Services: Find and prepare witnesses for court appearances. Documentation: Provide detailed reports and documentation for legal proceedings.
Claim Analysis: Thorough examination of all claim details for inconsistencies. Site Inspections: On-site verifications to check the validity of claims. Interviews: Conduct interviews with claimants and witnesses to gather additional insights. Report Compilation: Compile findings into comprehensive reports for client and court use.