social media investigations, fraud detectionOur Advanced Social media investigation is an intricate set of processes performed using state-of-the-art tools and software to gather every bit of publicly available data online. These data are then curated by our world-class professionals and industry experts to meet your business needs.

Social Media Investigation has now proven to be the most efficient way to gather intelligence on someone.

We are living in the social media era where there are 2 billion social media users, where approximately 500 million tweets are posted daily. 70 million photos are uploaded on Instagram alone, every day and 300 hours of videos uploaded every MINUTE on YouTube!!!

Majority of people spend most of their time on their phones. Around 70 percent of online adults use social media and the average user spends 23 hours a week on social media – which is already an equivalent of a part time job! – AND THAT IS JUST BEFORE THE PANDEMIC.

Our social media profiles have been an extension of ourselves. It is a big part of our daily lives and a reflection of who we are. Social media platforms are now the modernized version of people’s diaries. People tend to share everything online and there are no boundaries – the food they eat, achievements, relationship statuses, schedules, even personal rants, religious and political views, videos of them working out, partying, working and even intimate family activities inside their own homes. Most of this information is captured unwittingly to serve as memories and keepsakes and are usually taken in the spur of the moment for the public to view and see.


TPC Comprehensive

Our all-inclusive Social Media Investigation solution for insurance claims professionals. We offer one report with no up-selling for more detailed information. Our investigators dig deep to make sure no accounts have been left out on your report. The images you need to conclude your enquiries might well be “hidden” on a social media platform. And we can find them. Our TPC Comprehensive report turnaround time is approximately 48-hours.

TPC Rush

Have a rush assignment? Our TPC Comprehensive report is completed within 24 hours. We make sure the quality of the report is not sacrificed by turnaround time. If you feel frustrated that claims are often paid despite the strong potential that they are false or inflated. We can help.

TPC Monitor

Weekly and monthly reporting for active subjects. Our behaviors are shifting even more rapidly to the online model, as a consequence of the Coronavirus.

data mining, social media investigationAdmit it, if we just met or heard of someone that piques our interest and curiosity usually our initial instinct is to find them online. And by that, I mean we use their online presence to get the feel of who they are, what they like, how they interact with their circles etc. There’s unlimited information that we can find online from things to people. And honestly, we get more information about a person by reading about them online in 5 minutes than talking to them for hours. Even surveilling someone for days would usually give you a lot less information versus looking into their online persona.

Investigating online helps you gather information that you can save and back up as hard evidence complete with date and timestamps sometimes even captured with witnesses with them.

(provide examples) -an online article was published about the finishers of a city-wide marathon with the list and photos of the participants. Or maybe a live video feed from a concert uploaded by fans. Information online may come from strangers, credible journalists or even your subject’s friends, workmates or known affiliates. INSERT AN ARTICLE

Because of this emerging technology, some people are becoming more aware and becoming more conscious about what they post online but you can only control your own content. What others don’t know and what our competitors don’t have is the technology to scour over and beyond the limitations of their tools.

Here at TPC, we do not just process the data you provide us once or twice, we reprocess the data you give us together with the new information we’ve gathered multiple times until all possible search combinations are used. We do not stop until all the right tables are turned. In addition to that we have full time investigators who carefully filter relevant results.

Our technology together with industry experts, carefully re-extracts verifiable information from all the previously gathered data to widen our range and scope as we repeat the process again.

This is where most of our competitors fall short. And this is also often where we find the smoking gun that wins cases and disproves fraudulent insurance claims. We not only have the technology that has an extensive and broad reach when it comes to advanced online investigation, we also know where to look. We have countlessly helped businesses win millions of dollars because we found evidence not from personal posts but usually from a claimant’s friend, an online article, a public record, a company post or work advertisement and more. Most of our projects are repeat business because we do diligent work and we value their business like ours. This inspired us to now officially launch and share our services to everyone.

As you all know, nothing is never really deleted online. Once it’s online, it’ll forever be on the cloud somewhere. Here in TPC, we not only preserve the data that we gather for you, we also keep all this information on a legally compliant and super secure platform.

For customers who request bulk orders, we have an additional service that they can take advantage of. TPC just developed a tool that traces Facebook accounts that have already been processed on our system – even if the subject goes dark and changes their name, user ID, URL and any other information on their account that we initially used to find it.

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