Social Media Investigations For Fraud Detection

Our Advanced Social media investigation is an intricate set of processes performed using state-of-the-art tools and software to gather every bit of publicly available data online. These data are then curated by our world-class professionals and industry experts to meet your business needs.

A Social Media Investigation has now proven to be the most efficient way to gather intelligence on someone.

We are living in the social media era where there are 2 billion social media users, where approximately 500 million tweets are posted daily. 70 million photos are uploaded on Instagram alone, every day and 300 hours of videos uploaded every MINUTE on YouTube!!!

Majority of people spend most of their time on their phones. Around 70 percent of online adults use social media and the average user spends 23 hours a week on social media – which is already an equivalent of a part time job! – AND THAT IS JUST BEFORE THE PANDEMIC.

Our social media profiles have been an extension of ourselves. It is a big part of our daily lives and a reflection of who we are. Social media platforms are now the modernized version of people’s diaries. People tend to share everything online and there are no boundaries – the food they eat, achievements, relationship statuses, schedules, even personal rants, religious and political views, videos of them working out, partying, working and even intimate family activities inside their own homes.

Most of this information is captured unwittingly to serve as memories and keepsakes and are usually taken in the spur of the moment for the public to view and see.

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