Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Investigation

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Long gone are those days when there were limited resources and means to acquire information about someone. Social media has opened doors to improve the efficiency in the investigation procedures. Social media investigation services help find the needle in the haystack for insurance claims investigations.  Insurance companies and legal attorneys are always in search of valuable information about the target person or any concrete piece of evidence that could assist them in drawing the decision of the case. All such information can easily be acquired through open-source intelligence investigations. But wait! This may be the first time that you are hearing about this term.

What is social media investigation? Is this investigation procedure legal? Who conducts this investigation? All such details might be going through your mind. This article will highlight all such details.

Social Media Investigation Services — An Overview

Social media investigations are the process of conducting in-depth research on the subject/target individual with the sole purpose of drawing those facts and informative materials that could contribute to the collection of resourceful evidence to support the case or an ongoing investigation. Tracking the social media accounts associated with the subject, supervising all the social media activities of the subject, tracking all the social media interactions of the subject with the friends and family, and accumulating all this activity log as evidence is what social media covers.

Is It Legal to Investigate Social Media Activities?

You might wonder how social media investigation is allowed to happen where it may be breaching the privacy of people. The sole purpose of performing this investigative procedure is to collect evidence. The only difference is that social media activities of the target are investigated instead of tracking their physical activities.

All the information collected from social media analysis is considered a presentable and authentic information to facilitate the case. Captured social media is always publicly available. Insurance companies hire professionals to supervise the activities of the target subject to foresee if there is fraud that they may face later.

Where Can This Information be Utilized?

There is an array of domains where the information acquired from social media investigation can be used. Let’s take a quick look at these domains:

Court Cases

Imagine have a legal proceeding going against a suspected criminal and the concerned authority wants to check whether the suspect was at the location of crime or not. Of course, a physical investigation would be conducted. But social media location tracking can prove to be quite handy to facilitate this case. Social media posts and other activities of the suspects can be tracked to trace their location.

Domestic Investigation

Social media is the spot where most of the activities of infidelity are performed. If there is an ongoing case of infidelity, then social media photos, videos, tags, comments, and other such trivial activities can provide the authorities with a concrete set of information about the interests of the suspect.

Custody Case

A custody can turn out to be quite intense, simply because of the suspicions associated with the custodian. You want to know whether the custodian is the right person with good intentions or not. Conducting a social media analysis of the activity patterns of the subject can give a clear picture of their thought, intentions, and general approach in life. Any behavioral pattern on social media that depicts violence or crime can prove to be an indication that the custodian does not hold a positive state of mind.

Insurance Claims for Fraud Detection

There are countless fraud cases that can be solved merely through the information acquired from social media analysis. Insurance companies mostly hire such investigation companies to ensure that they are on the safer side and no fraud is planned to exploit their services. Moreover, a wide range of other companies can also hire such investigation companies to use social media information for fraud detection cases. Small bit of information can be used to connect dots and detect fraud right away.

How is Social Media Investigation Conducted?

Every case is different. Every subject is different. A specific approach is required to carry out social media investigation on each subject. Here is a quick sneak peek into the basic procedure that is followed to investigate someone’s social media accounts:

Account Monitoring

The first step towards investigation is to search for social media accounts that the subject is using. Top-notch tools and a little bit of social media knowledge are required to find the authentic accounts.

Information Searching

This is the pivotal part of investigation. All the activities, posts, comments, location sharing, status updates, interaction with friends, and all such social media activities are supervised and stored in an activity log. Videos and audio records are also maintained to add to the collection of evidence. This is not it. An advanced research procedure also covers the accounts of the acquaintances of the subject to draw as much information as possible.

Report Generation

All the gathered information is converted in the form of a complete investigation report. This report only comprises authentic data acquired from social media analysis.

Investigation Follow-up

Some companies demand a follow-up if a turning point comes in the case. Advanced research on a specific aspect is conducted as a follow-up.

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