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At True People Check, we concentrate on people’ reimbursement investigations, a vital method for inspecting and verifying the info of employees’ repayment claims to determine their legitimacy and accuracy.

You can always contact us for a complimentary evaluation or discuss your specific needs. In your quest for truth and justice, we are with you.

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Essential information concerning workers compensation and Workers’ compensation investigations

For instance, workers’ compensation commonly referred to as workers’ comp is essential for helping ill and injured employees whose afflictions occur in relation to their respective duties.

The fact that a worker gets sick, falls, injures or dies when serving in a workplace entitles him/her to the payment of the medical costs, loss of salary as well as any other cost involved in the occurrence.

This institution has established an assistance facility where it will guide the employers on how to tackle hard moments.

Workers’ Compensation system should not be compromised as claims should correctly and honestly state matters of fact. In fact, bogus or exaggerated claims may unnecessarily overburden the system and negatively affect both workmen and genuine claimants.

That is where the True People Check steps in.

Why Workers Comp Investigations Are Important ?

Workers’ compensation investigations are crucial for several reasons, primarily because they help maintain the integrity of the workers’ compensation system, which is designed to provide financial and medical assistance to employees who are injured on the job. Here are some key reasons why workers’ compensation investigations are important:

  • Detecting Fraud
  • Reducing Costs
  • Ensuring Fair Compensation
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Protecting Business Reputation
  • Supporting Legal Proceedings
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Workers Comp Private Investigators

Why Choose True People Check for Workers’ Compensation Investigations ?

Experience: This is one of the areas in which we have been involved for many years and therefore understand well its complexity and problems related to investigations under workers’ compensation law.

Accuracy: Honesty in our conclusions helps us reach just rewards.

Confidentiality: In the line of inquiry, my colleagues are of discretion and respect to individual’s privacy at all investigative stages.

Results-Oriented: Emphasis of this is directed towards giving information that can be used by employers, insurers, as well as claimants in decision making.

We Offer A Variety Of Workers’ Compensation Investigation Services.

Our specialized private investigators are committed towards making sure that there is a fair implementation of the workers’ compensation system. We provide a range of investigation services, including:

Claim Verification: We carry out investigations on every injured worker’s claim in order to confirm the realness and actuality of sustained diseases or injuries.

Verify the Injury or Illness: In this case, the investigator goes through the alleged injury or disease to confirm its legitimacy and direct relation to one’s working duties.

Confirm the Medical Treatment: Medical charts will be considered to ensure appropriate medical care has been rendered.

Determine the Cause: The investigators determine why and how the person got the injury or illness with consideration on whether it came as an occupational incident, occupational exposure or other causes.

Monitor Claimant Activities: The parties could use surveillance as a way of determining whether what the claimant is reporting matches his activities in life.

Assess the Medical Condition: Investigators may also speak to medical professionals to determine how serious the injury or sickness is, whether or not it matches up with your alleged ailments.

Review Documentation: All records pertaining to the case such as the accident report, witness testimony and patients’ record books are investigated by the investigator.

Identify Fraud: Where it appears that some falsification has been presented, the investigator seeks out any distortion and exaggeration claims to substantiate the fraud allegations.

Frequently Asked Questioned

The investigation involved in a worker’s compensation claim is making sure that it is genuine. It is meant to establish whether the sickness or an injury occurred at work and also ascertain whether the said claim is true.

Such evaluations are essential to stop faked injuries, give proper benefits to harmed laborers, and defend the financiers (employers and insurance companies) against financial loss.

Private detectives who specialize in the investigation of workers’ comp cases often investigate workers comp claims.

The examinable aspects include looking at the injury or sickness as well as how it occurred, need for medical attention, and veracity of claimant’s actions. Such companies seek to confirm the veracity of the statement.

Mostly surveillance takes a place in order to see what is going on in regard to the claimant’s asserted limitations and disabilities.

Whereas if you do not believe that a worker has suffered an injury, which entitles them to workers’ compensation, then, you may contest and provide evidence of the same to your employer, the insurance company, or any other appropriate authority.


For example, if a fraudulent claim is discovered, the claimant may be held legally responsible for repaying benefits and denied further benefits as well as facing criminal prosecution.