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Insurance Fraud Investigations | True People Check

Expert Insurance Investigations & Fraud Detection Services specialise in providing comprehensive solutions to insurance companies in detecting and preventing fraudulent activities. With our years of experience and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that our clients receive the highest level of professional investigation services.

Our team of expert insurance claims investigators is well-versed in the intricacies of insurance fraud and equipped with the latest tools and techniques to uncover any fraudulent activity.

insurance claims investigations

About True People Check Online Insurance Fraud Investigations

At True People Check, we’re dedicated to offering insurance claims fraud detection experts with the advanced tools and strategies to find insurance fraud efficiently. In the sector of insurance coverage, fighting fraud is a consistent struggle. 

Our Insurance Claims Investigations Services Include

  • Initial Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Field Investigation
  • Expert Consultation
  • Legal Actions
  • Report and Decision
  • Fraud Prevention and Education

Especially Designed Insurance Claims Investigations Service​​

Our insurance coverage claims investigation services are designed to provide the most comprehensive assessment of social media content and OSINT investigations available in the marketplace.

We combine contemporary technology with human intelligence, ensuring that no important social media debts are overlooked.

  • Customized Solutions
  • Easy & Frequent Communications
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Tailored Plans For Everyone
  • Through Out The Process Assistance


insurance claims investigations
insurance fraud investigations

Online Insurance fraud investigations | Unraveling the Truth

Our on-line insurance claims investigations are a deep dive into an individual’s online presence, that specialize in social media structures and other online sources. Here’s what our investigations encompass:

  • Over 2 hundred Sites Searched
  • Mobile Searches
  • Insurance-Focused Summary
  • Global Reach
  • Reverse Image Search
  • Family/Relatives/Friends Search 
  • Static Capture
  • Secure Case Management

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Initial Report

Our Insurance claim  research regularly begins with a document or suspicion of insurance fraud. This record can come from numerous resources, inclusive of policyholders.

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Our Investigators can also run surveillance at the claimant to accumulate proof and record their activities, that can assist in determining the legitimacy of the claim.

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Claim Review

Our Insurance claims investigators examine the coverage declared in the queries to identify pink flags or inconsistencies. They look at the claimant’s statements, files, and evidence.

Why To Choose Us For Online Insurance fraud investigations  

Our on-line insurance claims investigations are a deep dive into an individual’s online presence, that specialize in social media structures and other online sources. Here’s what our investigations encompass:

  • Over 2 hundred Sites Searched: Our investigators crawl over 200 sites, including popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Mobile Searches: We include cell platforms like Strava and Cash App in our search to make sure complete coverage.
  • Insurance-Focused Summary: Our investigations provide an insurance-targeted summary and advice based totally on our findings, making it simpler for claims handlers to make informed choices.
  • Global Reach: We have knowledge of web sites worldwide, making our investigations suitable for global instances.
  • Verified and Possible Matching Accounts: We provide verified and viable matching bills for a greater thorough investigation
  • Reverse Image Search: Our insurance fraud  investigations consist of opposite photo searches to uncover hidden connections and information.
  • Family/Relatives/Friends Search: We search for feasible applicable facts from the situation’s circle of relatives, household, and friends.
  • Static Capture: We seize the source net pages in conjunction with metadata for authentication.
  • Secure Case Management: Our secure case control gadget lets in you publish new cases, speak with our group, and receive reports and video content material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance fraud includes deceitful sports dedicated to advantage financially from coverage. It’s a large challenge for insurers because it results in extended expenses, better charges for honest policyholders, and undermines consideration within the industry.

Insurance fraud investigations are inquiries conducted by means of coverage corporations, non-public investigators, or specialized corporations to decide the validity of a coverage claim. They contain gathering proof, analyzing statistics, and verifying the accuracy of the claimant’s statements.

Insurance fraud investigations encompass diverse types, such as medical health insurance fraud, auto coverage fraud, assets coverage fraud, and people’ reimbursement fraud. Each specializes in specific components of insurance claims.

Investigators use a variety of techniques, along with surveillance, background checks, interviews, statistics evaluation, and social media investigations to discover discrepancies, fake statements, and evidence of fraudulent activities.

Technology performs an important position in modern-day coverage fraud detection. Advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and system getting to know algorithms can help become aware of styles of suspicious conduct and flag capacity fraudulent claims.

Insurance fraud detection includes the proactive use of era and statistics evaluation to pick out probably fraudulent claims earlier than they’re paid out. Insurance claim research takes place after a declaration has been filed and aims to confirm the legitimacy of the claim.

Insurance fraud research agencies specialize in conducting thorough and impartial investigations on behalf of coverage businesses. They assist insurers uncover fraudulent sports, reduce fake claims payouts, and protect their backside line.

Online fraud detection refers back to the identification of fraudulent activities performed over the net. It is relevant to coverage fraud investigations due to the fact many fraudulent claims and sports are initiated or promoted on-line.