Trend of Discreet Income Generation through Social Media Platforms

Identifying Fraudulent Transactions

Things have gotten cash-y! It’s no surprise that cash is king in the day and age, but it seems that Cash App, a digital payment service, has become the currency of choice for claimants who shouldn’t be working—or receiving any additional income—but still want to make some money. True People Check have been identifying fraudulent transactions with our social media investigations.  Claimants have been using Cash App to receive income they are not entitled to while on workers’ compensation.

True People Check  provides detailed analytics on an individual’s social media accounts. This is extremely useful in identifying potential fraud associated with workers’ compensation claims. For example, if a claimant is receiving extra income online, they may post images or comments on social media that contradict the narrative of their injuries and limit the impact on their lives. Employers can use this information to build a strong case in proving there is indeed fraud occurring with a workers’ compensation claim.


Claimants Abuse For Illicit Income

True People Check investigations have discovered multiple instances of people on workers’ compensation using Cash App on their social media as a means of earning income. We’ve seen people selling clothes, catering services, providing discounts at stores and clubs, and selling kitchen products to name a few.

But what is cash app? Cash App is a peer-to-peer payment platform. Think of it as an online Venmo, where cash can be sent or received and stored within a mobile application. It’s no wonder Cash App has become so popular with fraudulent claimants—it provides an easy and quick way to receive money without having to worry about banks or other traditional banking services detecting their activities.

Uncover Unethical Claims

At True People Check, we set the bar high for social media investigations. Our team is experienced in workers’ compensation social media investigations and know exactly what to look for. So, if you suspect fraud or any other suspicious activity among your claimants, contact us today and let True People Check help you get to the bottom of it.

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