Why not just do your own social media investigation?

social media research

Sure, anyone can do a social media investigation report but not everyone is trained to do advanced searches nor do they have the right tools to analyze the data from their scavenger hunt. Our technology takes into consideration not just keyword searches but knowing how to maximize the data from our clients and knowing where to use them.

The work our technology and team can accomplish in as early as a 24 hour-TAT if done by an individual using a manual process and basic research skills, might take weeks or even months to finish that may or may not even include analyzing, treating and curating the data yet. Screenshots without preserved timestamps, location tags and meta-tags prove and are inadmissible nothing. We deliver verifiable evidence that are professionally preserved and prepared by our expert professionals.

A simple name search isn’t as simple as typing a name and clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Our experts are trained with over 50 ways on searching using just the name alone. This is how we can maximize the information you have. We can find what you can’t. we can find what other experts miss. And we can find in 48 hours what would take you months to find and collect.

Aside from the only information you can provide, we also search interconnected databases and records so we can add verified information to our search queries and get accurate search matches.

Some answers are not found by simply searching basic keywords and codes. Sometimes, one photo can capture and reveal a lot. Like for example, one of your subjects is careful enough not to tag his location but uploaded a photo of him with clues, maybe the name of the restaurant he visited was captured on the menu he was holding on one of the photos.

Friends often interact on comments and share and tag each other’s photos as well and we make sure that all this information is checked and expanded on the report. Even if a subject has been really quiet on his wall about any physical activity that he is not supposed to be doing, one of his friends’ comment may mention an event they just joined a few days ago. Or may comment on how much fun they had at a rage party they attended the night before.

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